Agnes - Socks

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Bicolour socks with a vertical rib pattern, featuring a contrasting toe, heel, and border. These socks offer a soft and comfortable knitted border with a reinforced knitted-in heel and hand-linked toe for added comfort and durability. Composition: 80% Rayon, 20% Metallic Fiber.

Details: Enjoy the stylish vertical rib pattern and contrasting accents of these socks, which feature a comfortable knitted border, reinforced heel, and hand-linked toe for lasting comfort and style. The blend of soft Rayon and metallic fibers adds both comfort and a touch of shine.

We advise putting on your fine Fogal hosiery wearing gloves, avoiding delicate stockings from drawing threads when getting dressed.

Cleaning your fine hosiery is ideally done by using a mesh laundry bag before popping them in the washing machine, using a mild detergent in warm or cold water. Air dry. No ironing.

When travelling, your Fogal hosiery is best kept safe and protected in a dedicated pouch. Our Pret-A-Porter bag is perfect for travel.


Size S-M
Color Granada Black

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